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Getting to grips with talent management

Getting to grips with talent management

The talent management environment has become increasingly challenging over the last few years as more organisations look to secure and retain high performers. Given the current economic and demographic influences, this challenge will only become greater. 

In today’s environment talent management is taking centre stage.  Making sure the right people are in the right roles and have the right attributes, while also developing a pipeline for tomorrow, will be critical in delivering organisational success.

From our recent Talent Trends survey we already found that middle managers are becoming disillusioned with their organisation's leadership teams.  Sixty eight per cent stated they were uninspired by the level of direction, communication and vision of the organisation.

While there will be reasons intrinsic to each organisation, this could well be an indicator of the change, uncertainty and demand for results that employees at all levels are feeling.

During the economic turmoil of recent years businesses looked for technical competency to ensure the ‘job was getting done’.

However, while stability and security may have been the order of the day during this time, with growth returning to the agenda, employers are looking for different qualities from their leadership teams.

This presents talent management teams with the challenge of accurately identifying leadership potential in their top performers and then crucially, making the right people decisions to hire, promote and develop their future leaders.

HR directors must ensure they are clear on the profile of leadership required and identify where the gaps are and how their development strategies will play a role in this.  

With talent pools depleted, inaction isn’t an option.

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