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To apply for one of our customer service roles in Hull, Glasgow or Saltcoats please complete the short application below and attach a copy of your CV. If you are viewing this form via a mobile device please forward the link to yourself via email to complete it later.

If you experience any difficulties, please email us at or call our recruitment team on 0141 240 2431

Personal Details


Please ensure you attach an up-to-date CV that includes your months and years of employment for each of your previous roles for up to at least the last 5 years of employment.


In order to ensure that you meet the criteria for working in a financial services environment can you please answer the following questions, it is essential that you pass these in order to secure a position with Wescot.

As part of our recruitment policy you will be required to undertake a:

Q12. Credit check.

Q13. Fraud check.

We will check your details with / against fraud prevention databases.

Should our investigations identify fraud or the commission of any other criminal offence by you when applying for employment with us, this may result in any offer of employment being withdrawn. Should an internal investigation identify fraud or the commission of any other criminal offence by you during the course of your employment with us, we will record the details of this on the relevant fraud prevention databases. This information may be accessed from the UK and other countries and used by law enforcement agencies and by us and other organisations to prevent fraud. Please contact the Recruitment team if you want to receive details of the relevant fraud prevention databases through which we share information.

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