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Meet Richard

Meet Richard

I’m one of the Senior Consultants in Hudson’s Data & Analytics team. I partner with some of the most forward thinking and innovative start-ups in London ranging from prop-tech businesses who are transforming the property market, to emotional intelligence software companies who help businesses confidently target optimized content to the right audiences.

Data Science, along with Machine Learning, are the most in-demand roles at present. There’s predictions that throughout 2018, there will be a 50 percent gap in the supply of data scientists and Machine Learning candidates versus demand, which means businesses and organisations need to act fast.


I currently recruit the following roles:

  • Data Scientists
  • Senior / Lead Data Scientists
  • CDO
  • Head of Data Science
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Big Data Engineers

I’ve been at Hudson for over 2 years now having initially joined to be apart of their Business Solutions and Projects team, recruiting into the Public and Not for Profit sector. It was clear that the world was changing and what with the passion I have for data and problem solving, moving into Hudson’s Data & Analytics function was the perfect transition.

To put it simply, the people. The flexible working, autonomy and financial rewards are great, but without the people within the business, the rest wouldn’t be possible. People provide inspiration, creativity, and motivation that keeps an organisation alive and this is even more important when working in a sales business.

It’s a typical sales office with a modern day twist. Gone are the days of having your chair taken away until you’ve made a certain amount of calls! We’ve got a much more adult environment on our sales floor where there’s noise coming from all different directions whether that being the sound of someone tapping away on their computer, multiple loud voices of people on the phones, the sounds of the 2 pool balls colliding, or even the music in the background.

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